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Are you in need of risk management expertise, management consulting or human resource expertise? Then look no further, The Perkins Group, Inc can help you with your needs. We have been providing risk management, management consulting and human resource consulting services to our clients for over 20 years. Let our talented staff provide you with professional high quality service.

The Perkins Group, Inc. has worked with the City of Atlanta, Georgia, City of East St. Louis, IL, Ward Claims North America, Colonial Pipeline Company, Fulton County Development Authority, Boy Scouts of America, and more. We appreciate all our clients and would like you to be one of them. You can see more of our client list by clicking here. The Perkins Group, Inc. can help you with employee benefits, safety training, management consulting, fleet safety, risk financing options, actuarial consulting, and more.

The Perkins Group, Inc. is located in metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia but provides services nationally and internationally. We provide services to the public, private, and nonprofit sector. We work with small businesses, YMCA’s, churches, municipalities, public housing authorities, Fortune 500 corporations, and more.

The President of The Perkins Group is Denise Perkins-Griffith who was employed in the risk management and human resources industry for years. Denise Perkins-Griffith understands what insurance carriers are looking for when writing an account. She treats every client professionally and respectfully because she understands the importance of developing long lasting professional relationships. She helps push the team to prioritize customer service and relationship building for every client.

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