The Perkins Group, Inc. offers our clients a wide variety of services in order to meet all your human resource and risk management needs. The Perkins Group, Inc. offers you (and your organization) services under the following areas: insurance, risk management, management consulting and human resource.


In the insurance area the company provides the following services:

  • •Create vendor and contractor contractual specifications.
  • •Analysis of company’s current property and casualty insurance program.
  • •Provide claims management assistance (including administration and investigation of claims for all lines of coverage).
  • •Provide complete preparation of bid solicitation documents for property, casualty, and employee benefit programs.
  • •Development of self-funded programs in all lines of coverage.
  • •Provide safety training to your organization (defensive driving, CDL, and other safety topics)
  • •Perform actuarial analysis and projection for reserve and rate settings.

If you do not see what you are looking for on this list give us a call today and let us talk to you about it.

Human Resource (HR)

In the human resource area the company provides the following services:

  • • Perform analysis and review of employee relations issues.
  • • Design employee benefit programs.
  • • Review and enhance current employee benefit programs.
  • • Prepare bid solicitation packages for employee benefit programs
  • • Help companies’ meet Americans with Disabilities Act and Family Leave Act compliance standards.
  • • Create a company Alcohol & Drug Free Workplace Program
  • • Provide staff training and development services
  • • Provide human resource consulting services including policy and procedure documentation.
  • • Perform human resource recruitment services for all positions at varying levels.
  • • Review EEO complaints and allegations of employee wrongdoing.
  • • Coordinate investigation into EEO complaints.
  • Customer service training, sexual harassment, and supervisor training

Risk Management

In the risk management area the company provides the following services:

  • • Perform inspections and investigations into work site complaints.
  • • Provide claims management assistance with investigations and administration of claims for all lines of coverage.
  • • Provide determination of loss exposure through risk analysis of existing or new programs.
  • • Prepare bid solicitation packages for property and casualty programs.

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Retained Professional Solutions

The Perkins Group, Inc., offers clients project hire solutions through onsite contractors and virtual assistants. The services were created to provide clients flexible methods to fulfill their requirements for veteran and experienced professionals throughout various industries.   Our services offer a placement or assignment of a professional to expedite growth or project completion. When you are looking for solutions to enhance your company’s human capital resources and knowledge goals, realize project opportunities, develop and mentor talent, then The Perkins Group, Inc. is available to assist you.

 The Perkins Group, Inc., partners with your company to supply the best just-in-time retained professional for your company's needs. The Perkins Group’s retained professionals all have a minimum of 20 years in their professional industry.   This provides the client’s with the expertise and knowledge of the requested deliverables with no learning curve and affords them the ability to handle projects in a time sensitive manner. The professional’s placement time frame is based on the client’s needs from as short as two months or as long as a year. The Perkins Group aims to work with every client to ensure they are provided with the best proven professionals in an effective and efficient manner.

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