About Us

        The Perkins Group, Inc. is a twenty-two-year-old firm that provides human resource, management consulting and risk management consulting services to public, private and non-profit sectors on an international basis. The Perkins Group, Inc. has been certified as a female, minority owned business. The firm services specializing in strategic planning, training, recruitment consulting, risk financing options, human resource management, loss control, loss forecasting and organizational review. TPG has the plans and tools to support the successful execution of strategic objectives while being intentional about maximizing the potential to be catalytic and impactful in its clients. Facilitation, strategic planning, community and civic engagement are all a part of the management and organizational review process.

            Although located in metropolitan Atlanta, The Perkins Group, Inc. provides services internationally. In the private sector, the firm provides services to small businesses and Fortune 500 corporations. In the public sector, services are provided to municipalities, federal agencies, public housing authorities, and other legislatively created entities. In the nonprofit sector, housing development corporations, churches, YMCA and other nonprofit-based organizations have taken advantage of the services listed.

             The principal contact for The Perkins Group, Inc. is Denise Perkins-Griffith who has been employed for a number of years in the risk management/human resources and management consulting industry. She has worked in the public and private sectors. The acquisition of this experiential knowledge has resulted in her being successful in reducing client’s cost of risks, developing strategies to achieve positive outcomes and managing effective human resource programs.

           The Perkins Group, Inc. strives to be an extension of the organizational structure of its clients. Rather than providing a “package deal,” it provides services based upon the client’s unique situation and requirements. The Perkins Group, Inc. has provided human resource, management and strategic solutions from the most basic to advanced solutions. The Perkins Group, Inc., provides business services in an efficient and effective manner. TPG delivers its services by leveraging the expertise, knowledge and experience of the firm’s team.

Community Service

Our company believes that it is important to give back to the community where we operate and live. Our success allows us to give back to the community by giving a helping hand to different organizations and projects within the community. We work and support the following Atlanta organizations: Atlanta Youth Wind Symphony, A. Philip Randolph Foundation, Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless, Tri-Cities Local School Advisory Council, Fulton County Schools, Tiger Soccer Club and Boy Scouts of America.

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